Site Design Review

The Usable: Boil the Frog by Spotify

Boil the Frog is a simple but functional site meant to blend the music of two different artists. While the design isn’t very aspirational, it retains the lightweight Spotify brand aesthetic and does so easily.

The Good: MoreSleep

MoreSleep creates a very interactive user experience with its highly responsive site design; users are unlikely to get lost as every object outputs immediate visual feedback.

The Bad: Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal website is a poor attempt at recreating the look of a newspaper, instead establishing a mess of text and images. The hierarchy between the different menu options and articles is lacking as page elements begin to domineer one another.

The Ugly: Yale School of Art

The Yale School of Art site seems almost satirical in its horrendous design; this is an art school. The site describes itself as a “collaborative experiment in digital publishing and information sharing” while managing to look like anything but the sort. The navigation and page content are pushed to the side in favor of showcasing obnoxious graphics that only distract and confuse users. I’m sure this ongoing experiment of theirs has a lot of contextual significance but to those first clicking onto the site, it is a major turn off to the school itself.