Role Models

Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Menu and Sort Function
Filtered Shop Section

As a semi-regular customer at Johnny’s Seeds, there is a slight biased towards the website’s design; my first time shopping there was quick and easy, despite knowing little about gardening at the time. The shop has two filter areas and listed items are accompanied by short descriptions. The menu prioritizes purchase options, leaving pages like the about section in the footer.

Pacific Coast Plants

Services Page
Separate Shopping Website
Contact Form

Pacific Coast Plants utilizes a very clean but user responsive design. The offered plant services are sectioned off by a secondary menu. The shop link opens a different website with categorized plants and respective prices. The contact page contains only an editable form to directly send emails.


Catalog Page
Event Organized Gallery
Wedding Rental Page

Plantz’s top banner immediately advertises social media and directs users to act via buttons and a phone number. The catalog is a separate page from the gallery, effectively listing available plants. The gallery page showcases the product in a real life setting by using past projects as examples; users can search by event type. There is a page designated for wedding rentals, offering stress-free, hands off service.