The Tropical Plant House

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The Tropical Plant House has a very straightforward, easily to navigate website. Upon loading the home page, users are met with a phone number, a contact button, and available services listed below. The color scheme is very simple but modern looking version of my client’s current product. The plant gallery lets the photos speak for themselves, completely opting out of any description. In the Services section, the Living Architecture and Architecture pages are not yet developed, labeled “Under Construction”. The site is responsive to smaller window sizes and does so seamlessly.


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Plant Maintenance Page

The Plantopia home page starts off with a product slideshow followed by a long page of text. The Planters section of the menu has a drop-down sub menu to further categorize containers, which is something I proposed for my client. There is visual feedback when selecting menu items. Conversational, clear language is used to address customer questions. There is responsive design and the pages adjust in an organized manner.

Imagine Plant Design

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Plants (Replica) Page

Imagine Plants seemingly uses the same design template as Plantopia. The design is clean and visually responsive to users. The offered plants are categorized by type (interior and replica), genus, and listed by name. However, clicking the images opens up the entire galley as a jpeg, taking users off the web page entirely. The Plant Services section is broken up into sub pages of short descriptions regarding offered services; this could have been combined into a single page.